How to Wash the Right Face for Each Skin Type

The right facial Wash for each skin type will be distributed in this article for you to have the most perfect and more beautiful skin care method every day. Face Cleansing is an indispensable daily cleanser for cleansing dirt and overcoming acne prone skin to make skin healthier and radiant.

Therefore, How to wash my face properly, how to wash my face many times a day, different skin types, how to wash my face, etc. Will be shared in the article below, so there is a lot of skin care information you can try.

Please see How to Wash the right face for each skin type through the article below!
How to Wash the right face for each skin type
Determination of skin type
Using an oil absorbent paper you can easily pay attention to:

Normal Skin: There is little or no oil on the paper. Skin looks smooth.
Oily skin on absorbent paper has a clear sebum. The face looks shiny. This type of skin pores is large, prone acne.
Dry skin: No or little oil stains on test paper. The face is slightly thick, dry, there are many small gaps.
Mixed skin: on paper has a clear sebum, some are not visible or lacking. Often the paper in the nose area is oily, but the paper in the cheek area is not. The face will look oily, but there are dry and cracked skin.

The proper way to wash the skin
Normal skin

For this skin type we should wash face regularly 2 times a day. Wash once in the morning with cold water and a mild cleanser to remove dirt, oil that forms during sleep. After washing, dry your face and apply a daily moisturizer to the skin. In the evening, wash with a cleanser and make-up remover if you have makeup on your skin.

Note: If you apply eye makeup throughout the day, use an eye makeup remover specifically designed to remove all mascara and eyeliner.

Oily skin

Oily skin needs more care because the oil and dirt form very quickly through the pores, making the skin look oily. Wash your face at least 2 times a day with a cleanser suitable for oily skin. If there is a make-up or moisturizer, use an oil-free product to prevent the formation of excess oil on the face.

Wash your face in the morning, when possible and before bed. In addition, you can apply lotion throughout the day to absorb the excess oil that forms in the face.

Dry skin

Dry skin also requires special care, because excessive leaching usually results in overly dry skin resulting in rupture or flaking. Wash your face in the morning with cold water without using other cleaners. Choose a moisturizer that is suitable for dry skin. Keep working at night before bedtime, this can be used with a mild cleanser facial cleanser if available. Use a facial cleanser to remove dead skin and apply a moisturizer to fill skin moisture.

Skin with acne

First determine the three types of skins mentioned above and apply the washing method above. Pay attention to the use of gentle facial cleansers to avoid skin inflammation and acne. Use a cleanser designed specifically for acne prone skin, or apply acne creams to your skin before going to sleep.

That's how to wash the right face for each skin type, hopefully can help you in skin care.
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