The Characteristics and Symptoms Of Easily Recognizable Sinusitis

Sinusitis Disease Symptoms If you feel hard to breathe, nasal congestion, pain in the area of ​​the eye or forehead, face feels like full, even your upper teeth hurt. You should be careful. You can get sinusitis disease. Those are some of the common symptoms of the sinusitis patients they have to their doctors. Do you know what the sinusitis disease really is?

Sinusitis can be said to be inflammation in the sinus area. Sinus itself is an air space located in the face area and connected directly with your nose.

Well, due to inflammation in this sinus area is the hoarding of lenders in the sinus area. This results in the growth of bacteria. Well, but to diagnose someone is infected sinusitis is not easy.

This is due to sinusitis symptoms similar to flu symptoms. A child who has flu for more than ten days should be suspected that the child has been infected with sinusitis.

Gejala Penyakit Sinusitis

Sinusitis Disease Symptoms

Sinusitis Disease Symptoms

Symptoms and features of sinus disease in children, find out now!
Well, that's why on this occasion will discuss the symptoms of this sinusitis disease. And hopefully you can handle it.

1. Cold nose
At first sinusitis disease begins with a cold. This is due to inflammation triggered by colds, irritation or common allergic attacks on sinusitis.

2. Pressure around teeth and face
Basically patients who have contracted sinusitis will experience many symptoms. Usually the patient will experience a blocked nose even pain or feel excessive pressure in the area around the teeth and face.
Excessive pressure on the area of ​​teeth and face is the main sign that indicates that someone contracted sinusitis. This pressure is caused by an inflamed tissue in the nerve end of the inner wall of your sinuses.

If you feel pain in the area of ​​the forehead or even your head is sore then this is caused by a frontal sinusitis located in the area of ​​the forehead or over the eyes.

If you feel the pain in the area of ​​the cheeks and then spread to the area of ​​the upper teeth, then this is caused by maxillary sinusitis located on both of your cheekbones.

However, if what you feel is pain in the area of ​​your eye, then this is caused by etmoidal sinusitis located between your eyes.

Medium if the pain is on the top of the head, behind the eyes or even along the nape of you, then this is the result of sinusitis sphenidalis located under the brain and back of your nose.

3. The nose releases colored mucus
Symptoms of sinusitis is even worse is the patient's nose will release a liquid that is green, yellow, or clear. Another gel experienced by the patient is to feel excessive tiredness.

4. Decreased olfactory and tasting
In addition to the symptoms of sinusitis above, there are also symptoms of reducing your olfactory power. Due to swelling of the nasal membrane will inhibit various types of odors that you can breathe.

So as to make your olfactory receptor will gradually decrease. It turns out that in addition to the reduction in olfactory power, your tasting power will also be reduced.

You know not if the sense of taste depends on the sense of smell. If the olfaction is reduced or even disturbed, of course your taste buds will also experience dysfunction.

5. Cough and Smell Breath
Other common sinusitis symptoms experienced by the patient are bad breath and cough. Bad breath is caused by infected mucus. This mucus contains bacteria so that if out will smell foul.

If cough, this happens because the mucus that can touch your vocal cords will cause you to cough. Some of the symptoms of the sinusitis disease should be noted for neglected or untreated help, which will make the bacterial infection of sinusitis radiate to the bone around the affected sinus cavity, eye, receptor (brain), and even the lungs.
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