How To Treat Stone Urine

How to Treat Stone Urine - Urinary Stone is often we hear with the term urine stone. Your bladder is the organ that is an important part of your body's waste disposal process. It's shaped like a bag, or a balloon. Kidneys remove waste from your digestive system. The waste is mixed with water called urine and goes to your bladder. Urine is stored there until it is sharp, i and when full body will send a signal for you to empty it. Urine leaves the bladder through the urethra. From there it comes out of your body.

Sometimes your bladder does not remove all urine. The elements left in this urine can form crystals. These crystals can harden and make Stone Piss. The bladder stones vary in size and shape. They often occur in men.
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How To Treat Stone Urine

Symptoms of Diabetes

Not everyone who has a Bladder Stone will have symptoms of Diabetes. From the symptoms that there will only cause disruption of urinary function. First, the stones just trickle along the lining of your bladder. Second, stones can block your urine from getting out of your bladder to produce Stone Pissing.

Symptoms include:

  • Abdominal pain or pressure.
  • Cloudy or dark gray.
  • Blood in your urine.
  • Frequent urination or pain.
  • Difficulty urinating, or loss of urine control.
  • For men, it will hurt the penis.

The Cause of Diabetes

Most Stone Piss is formed from minerals. This can be found in the urine left in your bladder. Common problems that lead to Kencing Stone include:

  • Prostate enlargement. Men have glands called prostates. It forms around the urethra next to the bladder. As the prostate expands, it puts pressure on the urethra. This can cause a loss of urine flow from the bladder. Prostate enlargement occurs in many men as they get older.
  • Infection of the bladder. Certain infections may irritate your bladder. The most common are urinary tract infections. Radiation to your pelvic area is another possible cause.
  • Nerve damage. The nerves tell you when your bladder is full and need to be emptied. If your nerves are damaged, you may experience problems with the flow of urine. Stroke and spinal cord injury can damage your nerves.
  • Bladder surgery. People who can not control their urine flow may require surgery. This increase in bladder shape can lead to Kencing Stone.
  • Sistokel. This is the condition in which the female bladder wall weakens and falls. This creates pressure in the pelvic area. This can affect the flow of urine and cause growth of bladder stones.

You can also suffer from Diabetes if your urine is too acidic, or concentrated. It is rare that a foreign object entering the bladder then causes Stone Pissing.
There is one similar to Pissing Stone, the Stone Kidney. Kidney stones have the same symptoms as Stone Pissing. But in reality the two diseases are not the same. Kidney stones do not always disappear by themselves. If they are stuck in the bladder, then it can produce new stones there.

How to Die Stone Diagnosed?

Medical care is required to diagnose Stone Pissing. Your doctor will order a test to find the stone and determine the cause as follows:

Physical exam.

Your doctor will check your stomach pressure and pain. For men, they may also perform rectal examinations to check your prostate.

Urine test.

There are two ways to test your urine for urine cyst examination, ie by urine analysis (urinalysis) and urine culture. You will give your urine water sample for review. For this way, you will use sterile wipes for the first time cleaning your penis or vagina to prevent germs from entering your urine sample. Afterwards the lab will check your urine for bacteria, blood, and signs that can cause Stone Pissing. It also allows you to be checked at once whether it is infected or not.


Your doctor may use X-rays in your pelvic area. Some forms of bladder stones will be seen using X-rays.

Computerized computer scans (CT Scan).

Not all bladder stones will appear on X-rays. A CT scan may be performed if at the time of examination with a negative X-ray.

Special Injection.

This check is done by your doctor by injecting a special fluid in your blood vessels. This fluid will flow through your urinary tract. Once you get to your organs, your doctor will do X-rays. If you are positive for urinary stones then the fluid injected to you will show a contrasting color.


It will identify the stone using sound rather than radiation.


Your doctor may need to take a closer look into your bladder. They will insert a small tube with the camera into your urethra. Then if something is odd or the camera detects something abnormal, the next step will be determined.

Can Stone Pain Be Prevented Or Avoided?

The bladder stones produced from the associated conditions are difficult to prevent. You should contact a doctor when you first experience the symptoms. You can reduce the risk of Diabetes Stone by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you drink plenty of water, between 6 to 8 glasses per day. Ask your doctor what is best for you. Lau away from a diet high in fat, salt, and sugar.

Avoid smoking and using illegal drugs. Your kidneys can have difficulty getting rid of the bad chemicals contained therein. If chemicals are formed, Bathing Pain can occur.

Stone Pee Treatment

Some bladder stones will pass by themselves. Drinking extra water will help them through your bladder with urine. You can feel pain when the stone comes out of your body. Usually, this only works if you detect it earlier or the stone is small enough.

In most cases, your doctor needs to get rid of it. There are two main ways they can do it. The most common way is to use a Cystoscope. Your doctor will insert the small tube into the camera in your urethra. The camera will detect the Bladder Stone. Your doctor will use a laser or ultrasound to break the stone. They can also use health equipment.

Sometimes the stone is too big to pass through the urethra. Your doctor needs to cut a hole near your pelvis. Medical devices will be inserted through the piece and remove the stone from your bladder. Surgery does require some form of Anesthesia. You may have to stay in the hospital for a while until the postoperative recovery process is complete.
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