Application of Blood Type B Diet, Selective Choosing Food

Diet Food Blood Type B. Having a beautiful body captivate must be every man's desires. But what if you have excessive weight?

Of course this will reduce your confidence is not it? But do not worry. Well, of course the diet becomes an option for many people who want to get their ideal body.

Surely you know not if there are many ways or methods to go on a diet. Well, one of them is a diet that is done according to your blood type. For your blood type B, do not worry if you want to undergo by blood type.

Because this time CakrawalaSehat will provide information for the application of diet that you can do especially for blood type B. You need to know if the diet according to blood type is more effective than other diet methods.
Makanan dalam Diet Golongan Darah B

Application of Blood Type Diet B
Food in the Blood Type Diet B

Because the blood type determines each of the different characteristics, it will make it easier to find foods that are fixed for consumption and which are not consumed.

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It turns out that blood type B includes the blood type that is often encountered and can be said blood group is very universal. Another fact of this blood group B is not easily attacked by disease when compared with other blood groups.
Perhaps this is because people with blood type B have higher levels of antibodies when compared to other blood groups.

In addition, people who have blood type B is very easy in the diet. Because not many have taboo to do.

But for maximum results, someone with blood type B should also avoid some foods. For this type of group it is advisable to consume lots of seafood.

For example, salmon, sardines, tongue fish and fish eggs are also very good for the diet program. Of course for those of you who like seafood will be happy is not it?

In addition to seafood, you can also eat foods that can help keep you healthy. For example, dairy products such as yoghurt and cheese, broccoli, eggplant and carrots.

But you should note is the consumption of foods that will increase the risk of blood clots and heart attacks. These foods are soda water, starfruit, corn, avocado, pear, and also various processed chicken, peanuts, duck meat, wheat.

But you do not worry, because you can eat other foods that are neutral for your body. Eating that is neutral for blood type B is butter, beef, red beans, chicken eggs, and squid.

In addition to the appropriate food intake with your blood type, you can undergo a sport that matches blood type B. The type of sport that fits here is a sport that is continuous but not extreme.

For example, just run or swim. This sport you can do in the morning or evening. Because the air is very good for you breathe. In addition you just do it half an hour every day.

Do not forget to do it regularly and discipline. In addition you can also live it in your favorite gym. If doing a treadmill try not too push yourself with the speed that is too fast.

Perform Blood Type B Diet Application in order to succeed.
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