6 Ways to Keep Your Child's Eyes Healthy You Should Know

Keeping Your Eyes Healthy No matter your age, eye health is something that needs to be taken care of. Especially for children, because disturbed eye health can disrupt their busyness. Less than optimal state of the eyes often hinder children in doing activities, especially in terms of academic, social, and their hobbies. In childhood the brain learns about how to wear eyes to see, just like learning how to wear a foot for a walk or hand to write or so on.

View plays a role necessary in the physical, cognitive, and social changes of children. Therefore, eye control for the child needs to be done to diagnose eye problems from the beginning. Because, more and more eye health problems are not diagnosed early, so, the more your child's brain learns to accommodate the problems facing the view. So, so it is necessary for parents to maintain the health of the child's eyes.

6 Ways to Keep Your Child's Eyes Healthy You Should Know
6 Cara Menjaga Kesehatan Mata Anak yang harus anda Ketahui
Maintaining Child's Eye Health

How To Keep Your Child's Eye Healthy

What can parents do to maintain the health of the child's eyes?

Here are many things you can do to keep your baby's eyes clean:

1. Give a good example
Parents often forbid children to see TV very closely, wearing gadgets constantly. Parents must also always advise children to eat vegetables or fruits, and use glasses to make eye protection from UV light. However, all of these suggestions and restrictions are more easily done by children when they become parents, you also set a real example for them. Children are the period in which they have the best power in imitating the behavior of some people around him.

2. Stimulate the senses of vision
Along with the change of the child's eyes from infancy to the age of 8, it is necessary for you to help stimulate the visual changes, one of them with toys with different colors, facial expressions, puzzles, blocks of stacking, and others.

3. Encourage children to play outside the home
This kind of thing is done to prevent farsightedness or myopia because your child is constantly playing in the room. But you must remember to keep your child's eye protection from UV light.

4. Put on a hat or sunglasses when the child is playing outside
Keep your child's eyes away from UV light that can lead to sight damage, especially if your child's eyes are clearly colored. You can make the protection of your child's eyes by wearing sunglasses or a hat during activities during the hot day.

5. Give children nutrition for eye health
Do your child to eat vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, tomatoes, strobery, and so on. This kind of thing to convince your child to get the necessary nutritional consumption for the eyes, such as anti-oxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and lutein. Foods such as salmon, shrimp, tuna, and catfish are also good for maintaining the health of your child's eyes.

6. Check the child's eyes regularly
Check your child to an ophthalmologist for at least two years. once. This kind of thing is done to make sure your child's eyes are healthy, or to detect problems in the baby's eyes early, such as amblyopia, hyperopia, or miopi (minus eye). The faster the problem is detected, so the maximum healing result is done.
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