6 Stroke Disease Symptoms That You Must Be Alert

Symptoms of Stroke. A stroke is a condition that occurs when blood supply to a part of the brain is suddenly disturbed. In the brain tissue, if there is a lack of blood flow it will cause a series of biochemical reactions, which can damage and kill the nerve cells in the brain.

Death of brain tissue can result in loss of function controlled by the network. Therefore this stroke disease including disease number 3 that causes death after the first HIV / AIDS disease, both heart attacks and the third is stroke this disease.

Gejala Penyakit Stroke
Symptoms of Stroke

Symptoms of Stroke

Alert! Stroke disease stalks you, know the symptoms now
The most common symptoms of stroke are sudden paralysis, face down on one side, speech impairment, blindness, numbness, blurred vision, seemingly unreal movements and difficulty to balance until loss of self-consciousness.

For more details about the symptoms of stroke are as follows:

1. The face of perot
Facial nerve paralysis is one of the most commonly reported symptoms of stroke. Which facial nerve paralysis is caused by the disturbance of the cranial nerve number 7. Try you ask someone suspected stroke to smile, if his face asymmetry (not symmetrical) suddenly means the person has symptoms of stroke.

2. Weak limb members
Immediate paralysis of the limbs is also a symptom of stroke. Try asking someone suspected of the stroke to lift both arms at the same time. If there is a sudden missed move means that someone is experiencing symptoms of a stroke.

3. Sensibilitas or feelings of disturbed half
Disorders of taste in the form of numbness or tingling of the body or any of the limbs that occur suddenly should be suspected as a symptom of a stroke. If there is a sense disorder such as loss or lack of sensation or sense of tingling or sensation of electrocution in half of the limbs.

4. Pelo or speech is not clear
Speech pelo or speech is not clear this is one of the main symptoms of stroke. Try to ask the person suspected of the stroke to pronounce the words with the letter r. For example; run - run on the railroad tracks. If there is a sudden pelo should be suspected as a stroke.

5. Afasia or difficult to communicate
Loss of ability to communicate well verbally and non verbal that occurred suddenly it also includes symptoms of stroke. If the person is suddenly unable to talk or not understand the content of the conversation, then the person should be suspected as a symptom of stroke.

6. Disorientation or sudden confusion
If a person gets confused suddenly even to experience a decrease in awareness then it should be suspected as a symptom of a stroke. If a person loses his ability to recognize people, given the time and place that occur suddenly, then this should be suspected as a symptom of stroke.

In case of any of the symptoms of a stroke (mild or severe) above in order to immediately check into the hospital
Stroke handling is a race against time. If there is a symptom of a stroke immediately seek immediate prompt help. With a fast and precise handling will give good results as well.

Diagnosis of pathology (stroke blockage or bleeding stroke) is determined by examination of a minimum CT Scan head. Good handling in the crew is expected to produce good results as well.

Suspicion of symptoms of stroke that appear on yourself and others is the best first step. The reason is none other so we are more alert and can anticipate all the worst possible that can happen by way of reporting it as early as possible to the doctor.
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