5 Factors Causing Skin Cancer Most Frequently Occurred

Factors Causing Skin Cancer Skin cancer is a state of abnormal cell abnormalities in human skin, and generally attacks the cells of a healthy, malignant body. This disorder causes the cells to grow unresolved and make the mass of cancer cells. Some large damage to DNA in skin cells is caused by ultraviolet (UV) radiation found in sunlight.

Beyond that, cancer of the skin is at risk if the skin is attacked by toxic substances or you have a state of weak immune system. Usually, there are 3 types of skin cancer, the first is basal cell carcinoma called the most common type of cancer in the skin, the second is squamous cell carcinoma, and the last one is melanoma. Well, besides that, what factors once again can be a cause of skin cancer?
5 Factors Causing Skin Cancer Most Frequently Occurred

5 Faktor Penyebab Kanker Kulit yg Paling Sering Terjadi

Factors Causing Skin Cancer

Exposure to direct sunlight

Sunlight that has UVA and UVB contents can cause DNA damage in human skin cells. Sunlight generally begins to alter DNA genes that control the growth of skin cells. If you are very old and constantly attacked by exposure to sunlight, you can be at great risk of skin cancer.
Then, exposure to sunlight is relatively most at risk in specific hours, such as over the hour of 10 to 5 pm. If you regularly out of the house without using sunscreen cream, it can also increase the risk of cancer in your skin.

Darken skin with UV tools

Darkening the skin or commonly known as tanning, is one of the most common causes of skin cancer. This kind of thing is recognized because the skin tanning tool using UV lamp to make the skin darker. As you know, when exposure to UV light instantly and continuously can lead to natural skin aging early.

Instead, tanning is not done continuously because it can be at risk for the skin ugly. If you've done it, you can consult a doctor's benefits to reduce the risk of skin cancer. You can also use some medical drugs that are useful to repair some skin cells after tanning.

Infections are generally due to some chemicals

Wounded skin (burns, ulcers, and new wounds) and then attacked some chemicals or UV light, can be one of the causes of skin cancer. Some chemicals that cause skin cancer such as arsenic and petroleum. Although not too high risk, but still it can cause damage to cells on the skin.


It has a lot in the know, if smoking is detrimental to health. In addition to lung cancer, skin cancer can also be one of the threats. According to some experts Archives of Dermatology, if smokers have a weak immune system, they are generally vulnerable to cancer cells.

Exposed to radiation

Yes, in addition to some of the above causes, radiation also acts a lot on the cause of human skin cancer. The reason, the use of long enough X-ray radiation will also result in conditions or circumstances, such as basal cell nevus syndrome or xeroderma pigmentosum. Where the two conditions were so at risk of skin cancer. Generally this condition is often faced by people who do chemotherapy, or in the factory environment that has high radiation.
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