5 Causes of Itchy Ears & How to Treat It Powerfully [100%]

The Causes of Itchy Ears - The condition of the inner ear canal that itch is a problem that is so common to some people. Often when you may also be scratched while gouging to the inside of the ear. It is so not recommended to do, because it can cause blisters and trauma in the ear canal. So, what circumstances as the cause of itchy ears? How to handle it?
Know it! 5 Causes of Itchy Ears & How to Treat It Powerfully [100%]

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Itchy Ears

Causes of Itching Ears

The most common itchy ear cause is a fungal infection and some skin diseases such as psoriasis or contact dermatitis. Sometimes people who have allergies itching also complained of his ear part itching.

The sudden itching of the ear (not due to infection, yes), can actually be solved by taking a momentary antihistamine drug. And one thing that needs to be noticed, itching in the ear can be a sign that faces an infection in the ear.

Such are many things as the cause of itchy ears, including with the infection:

1. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition that results in a natural red and itchy rash in the space affected by an autoimmune system. Psoriasis can sometimes take place in the visible part of the body, such as the arm or even inside the ear. Often, a suddenly itchy ear may be one of the signs of psoriasis in the ear.

2. You use hearing aids

When you wear hearing aids, this kind of thing can result in water or different objects entangled in the ear. Beyond that, this condition can cause an allergic reaction to the hearing aid. Unsuitable hearing aids may also put pressure on the specific ear space until itching.

3. External ear canal infection

Otitis externa or infection of the outer ear canal, may be one of the causes of itchy ears and pain. This kind of thing is also commonly encountered by swimming athletes. So often this type of ear infection can cause the ears become red and swollen.

4. Inflammation in the ear canal

Inflammation of the ear canal is a condition that lasts when the skin inside and around the ear canal becomes inflamed. This situation can be due to an allergic reaction to the product you use in the ear or in the room around it. For example like skin care products or even also using earrings made of metal or plastic.

5. Your ears are dry

In fact, the inner ear canal requires its own moisture. When your ears are dry, the ears can not produce enough candles or moisture, eventually the effects may also be itchy. When the ear does not have enough moisture, sometimes the ear will also remove the peeling skin so a sign if your ears are less damp.

How to treat itchy ears?

If the itching in your ears persists over a long period of time, you should seek medical help as soon as possible. See an ENT doctor if your itching is not better along with home treatment, as explained above.

In the treatment done, generally your doctor will also check your ears while asking the ear health story of the benefits of helping to identify the specific cause. The doctor will see no superiority of earwax or any earwax that is so close to the eardrum, which can cause itching.

Then, you will also be given a drug like below:

  • You will also be given antibiotic ointment that will also be smeared in the ear room.
  • You will also be given baby oil to smooth the skin of the ear.
  • You will also be prescribed a steroid theme ointment that reduces inflammation, such as hydrocortisone cream or betamethasone cream.
  • Your doctor may also prescribe antibiotics to treat an itchy ear infection.
  • Think also to schedule regular meetings with doctors the benefits of doing ear cleaning. This kind of thing can minimize injury due to wrong cleaning the ears themselves, while helping remove excessive ear wax.

Well it's 5 causes of itchy ear and how to treat it (tested), hopefully after doing your ears no longer itch.
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