17 Benefits of Beef and Nutrition For Health

Complete Benefits of Beef. Beef is one among the flesh that is so popular and popular in our people. In addition to cuisine that has a taste of taste so delicious, this beef has many benefits for the health of our bodies.
Complete 17 Benefits of Beef and Gynecology For Health

Lengkap 17 Manfaat Daging Sapi dan Kandungan Untuk Kesehatan

Nutritional Content of Beef

Below is the nutritional content of beef that benefits our body.
Kandungan Nutrisi Gizi
Nutrition Nutrition
quoted: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beef
Omega 3
Omega 3 is useful to help the central nervous system, the role of the heart and heart. Of the 150 grams of beef are 30 grams of omega 3 fatty acids.

Vitamin B complex
Memory and concentration can be our own problem for us. Vitamin B content in beef can improve memory and maintain concentration.

Zinc or Zinc
Beef also has a zinc content that has a role to increase metabolism and helps in immune. If zinc deficiency will also affect male reproduction and the formation of sperm.

Other nutrient content in dagging cattle is selenium. The content of selenium found in beef is also useful to help in the formation of Anti-oxidant substances that can improve the immune system of children.

In addition to the iron found in beef, there is also a good protein that is useful to help in the brain changes the child. Beyond that, the protein in this beef plays a role to assist in the formation of muscle tissue.

The iron content found in beef is one of the content that the human body needs. With adequate intake of iron can reduce the possibility of anemia disease that causes the body sluggish. Beyond that, the benefits of iron for our body is to increase the metabolism in our bodies, until the body becomes more fit with increased body resistance.

Complete Benefits of Beef for Health

Useful for improving the quality of life
Benefits and efficacy of other beef consumption that can make life more productive to not easy stress.

Useful to be a good protection for the body
Beef has such a delicious taste, therefore many people love it so it is paporit food. In addition to having a delicious taste, with the consumption of beef can also provide more benefits for your body's health and one of them is a good body armor.

Useful for increasing sperm production
Benefits of other beef consumption is to increase sperm production quality.

Useful for preventing heart attacks
The content of omega 3 and 6 of beef can prevent the possibility of heart attack.

Useful to prevent the possibility of cancer
Benefits of other beef consumption is to prevent the possibility of cancer. In this case, a stroke is caused because some nerve cells do not get enough oxygen from the blood vessels.

Useful for maintaining healthy skin
This benefit is the role of some mineral content, vitamins, and proteins that must be so in need of skin to regenerate skin cells, to the skin will also awaken health.

Useful to multiply some red blood cells
This benefit is the role of protein and iron contained in beef to make hemoglobin.

Useful for preventing anemia
The benefits of consumption of beef for other health that is able to overcome and prevent the possibility of anemia.

Useful for improving the immune system
Nutritional content found in beef is beneficial to enhance the immune system.
Useful for quickening treatment of wounds
protein found in beef is a substance that is so good to accelerate in the wound treatment system, whether it is wound on the outside or inside organ.

Useful for improving brain intelligence
the benefits of consumption of beef is not just for adult health as well, but very good for children's health in the changes especially to increase body mass of children. Given the omega 3 6 and protein substances are so influential on the growth of children.

Useful to prevent obesity
Protein content found in beef make more and more benefits for the health of our bodies. Beyond that, the content of a balanced fat in the beef is quite safe, to consume it regardless of obesity or obesity.

Useful to prevent diabetes
diiabetes disease is often caused by lack of insulin content that acts in altering blood sugar.

Useful for improving the quality of life
The benefits of beef consumption can make life more productive, and regardless of stress.

Useful as an energy source
In 100 grams of beef there are 250 kcal, including enough to fill your daily needs with power to your body

Helpful to increase muscle mass, stronger and faster
Protein found in beef is high enough, so it can help in increasing muscle mass become stronger and firmer.

Useful to make body weight becomes more ideal
As already explained first beef has a lot of power that is so good to keep your body healthy. Beyond that, with the consumption of beef can make the body better regardless of obesity or body fatness.

Many benefits and efficacy with the consumption of beef to keep our body health become more fit and healthy. And those tips for choosing good beef and quality as follows.

How to Choose a Good and Qualified Beef

  • Not watering

Tips for selecting good beef and quality after that is through the way pay attention to the meat, such as the state of the meat is fresh. When mucus or watery dispose of the meat, so the meat is not worth consuming.

  • Notice the smell or smell of meat

Tips after that to get or buy a good beef berkualittas that is by noticing the smell or aroma of meat that we will also buy. If the aroma is acidic or odor does not generally, it may not have been feasible to consume.

  • Pay attention to the meat structure

Good quality beef has a better rubbery structure. You can squeeze the beef we will also buy to know its suppleness. But vice versa if the meat structure is flabby so the meat is certainly not good.

  • Notice the color of the meat

Fresh meat quality is certainly different from meat that has been unfit to consume or has rotted, and to facilitate the step to choose it is by looking at the color.

A lot of this opportunity article about the benefits of beef consumption for the health of the body, but you need to look also, of course with the consumption of this beef should be done regularly and not too much.

Side Effects of Beef Meat

Not good if the consumption of beef is constantly because it can increase the protein content of fat in the body that can be at risk of obesity and increased levels of bad cholesterol (LDL). Not only that the likelihood of heart attack attack increases and the impact of excessive consumption of red meat can also increase the risk of various types of cancer.

Little Tips on Eating & Processing Beef

Previously cooked good beef make sure the meat is a bit of fat like the quads, outer thighs, waist, or has outside. Make sure you dispose of the fat first. Stay away from various types of processed beef like hot dogs, sausages, or bacon.

If you want to cook it do not fried, better by way of boiling or baking. However, if you still want to fry the beef use healthy oils like soybean oil, olive oil, or sunflower oil.

If you like to eat beef assured also accompanied by eating various types of vegetables have fiber so that cholesterol can be absorbed. Convince the hot temperature to cook at least 71 ° C so that the bacteria die.

Steps of beef storage should also be noted, This kind of thing has a purpose to extend the age put food and maintain the nutritional content of beef. Put freshly purchased meat in the refrigerator at 1 ° Celsius, for raw meat no more than 2 days, if the meat is not more than 4 days. When in the freezer temperature -18 ° Celsius, for raw meat not more than 4 months, if cooked meat can last up to 6 months.

If you want to put beef in a freezer for more than two weeks, wrap it first with aluminum foil paper or freezer. If you want to emasaknya first melted frozen beef by way of putting it in the cupboard intended to prevent the growth of bacteria.
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