12 Ways to Lose Weight

How to lose weight. Weight gain that exceeds the average figure when viewed based on the BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator often makes a person reluctant to leave the house because he assumes that his body shape is not ideal anymore, so the self-confidence also faded.

Various attempts to lose weight have been done, but there are still less. It may be that you do not know what causes the increase in weight. One of the triggers of weight gain is hooked eating fried foods. There is another that has a great role in improving one's body weight, namely stress so that the brain and heart are out of sync to control themselves.

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How to lose weight

How to lose weight
If you really want to get the ideal body shape like the models in Miss Universe, it's a good idea to start from the little things first, but done regularly and the level of effort that is implemented from time to time increases. The goal is certainly to accelerate the process of weight loss or diet. The following have been collected from several doctor sites on how to lose weight effectively.

1. Increase exercise time
Dense activities in the office does not mean you can arbitrarily with health body. Because here you are being sued to get the ideal body shape, it is definitely sport is the main thing that you must do regularly.

You can try by performing a simple but centered movement on the abdomen and body parts of fat builders such as thighs and upper arms. If you can afford it, do 30 push-ups every day. To discuss this issue, some time ago has written a type of exercise that can shrink the stomach.

2. The supply of body fluids should be stable
The point of the word stable here is how do you make sure your body is not dehydrated. One of the benefits of drinking water is to help you lose weight. In a day, make it a habit to drink 8 glasses of water, one glass in the morning when you wake up and bedtime must be done.

3. Drink calorie-free drinks
If you are tired of having to drink water at any time, replacing it with non-calorie drinks is also no harm. You can add orange juice to the water to drink. All types of calorie-free beverages will not affect a person's diet program.

4. Do not eat fried foods
It had been discussed a little that one of the triggers of weight gain is the consumption of fried-fried foods. Actually not all make the stomach more fat, but much better if you reduce the portion or even stop the habit of snacking fried foods. This is also intended to avoid cholesterol disease presented by a herd of fat in the body.

5. Also avoid fast food processed foods
In many supermarkets packaged processed meats such as nuggets or other types of fast food such as spaghetti and burgers. Such foods are better you avoid as well because it is not healthy and lots of fat bagging. If you can not help it, it's better to stop your diet program right now.

6. Reduce the portion of the meal
According to Dr. Florence on its website, reducing the portion of the meal is a pretty effective step to increase the success rate of one's diet program. Keep in mind that 'subtract' is not the same as 'not eating'. The point is, from now you reduce the portion of the meal, can be three quarters or half of the usual.

7. Drinking green tea
In the past few months, I have written the usefulness of green tea for health or beauty. Your body will be well maintained if every day get enough nutrition, the source can be from anywhere, one example is a green tea that can help you lose a person's weight.

Based on the results of research, drinking green tea 2 to 3 glasses a day will help optimize fat burning in the body. Not only that, green tea also contains some compounds that are believed to reduce the risk of cancer.

8. Avoid stress
In fact stress can make a person become thin and fat, depending on the habits of individuals who often do. However, looking at the data or survey as a whole, people who are stressed can not take long to think about things that are good for themselves or not.

Not infrequently that when strained to make himself a hobby of alcohol consumption and also unable to control the portion of the meal. This will be bad for your diet program, so avoid stress as much as possible.

9. Are you really hungry?
From now on you should be able to know whether you are really hungry or is it just lust alone?
According to Michelle May in her book "Am I Hungry?", Hunger is the way your body tells you that you need fuel, so when you feel the desire to eat not because of hunger, then you will never feel satisfied when eating.

If you really feel hungry, then you are required by the body to eat, but remember that you are dieting, so the portion of the meal should be reduced or more controlled. Do not be hungry, continue to eat at will without any restrictions.

10. Give massage
Are you hooked on a massage when your body is tired?
Now there is a massage to scrape the fat under the deepest layers of skin. You can visit a special clinic to lose weight, usually there is a massage service belly stomach. If you are a man, there is no harm in visiting a male massage parlors, then ask the masseuse to center on the abdomen, thighs, and upper arms.

11. Consumption of food (fruits and vegetables) or beverages follows
If you want to know what foods are allowed for frequent consumption when running a weight loss program (diet), the following list as written in BlogDokter.

  • Food fibrous
You can try the consumption of high fiber foods that can make your diet a success. Good dietary fiber source you can get from white beans, black beans, red beans, corn, beans, and brown rice.
  • Caffeine
Herbal tea containing caffeine is highly recommended for you to drink several times a week, the goal for the metabolic process in the body is increasing. That is, the caffeine you consume can be used by the body as a tool of burning calories and fat that nest in the body.
  • Banana
Bananas contain many of the carbohydrates commonly consumed by athletes when exercising or competing. This fruit can be an additional energy at times that are not possible.
  • Orange
Not because of Vit. Its famous C which makes oranges become one of the fruits supporting the hunger. This is because the high calorie content in oranges is what helps your diet.
  • Chocolate bars
Do not you think this chocolate bar is a branded chocolate like Silver Queen or CadBurry. Chocolate here is a pure chocolate that is specially produced to help people dieting.

Until forgot, the last way to lose weight is to avoid soft drinks. As you know so far that soft drinks only create gas in the stomach that over time can lead to obesity and diabetes (excess sugar).
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