10 Characteristics of Pregnant Women Girls You Need to Know

Characteristics of Pregnant Women Children Pregnant girls or boys are essentially the same for parents. For whatever gender the baby, each parent would still love him.

But how do you know the wife of a pregnant girl? or can a woman's pregnancy be planned from the beginning?

This question is often asked by couples who want to get girls. Even if the next get a son must still love him.

For couples who already have boys, generally want girls in later pregnancies. Especially if you already have some boys, surely the desire to get a bigger daughter.
Here! 10 Characteristics of Pregnant Women Girls You Need to Know

Inilah! 10 Ciri Wanita Hamil Anak Perempuan yang Perlu Anda Ketahui

Characteristics of Pregnant Women Girls
Indeed there is an inequality in having a daughter or a man. Girls are synonymous with gentle, supple, and joyful. Boys are generally brave, handsome, and active.

So, are there any specific signs to distinguish pregnant girls or boys?

When in the first article we have reviewed some characteristics of pregnant women are twins, in healthy articles. com opportunity we will also review some of the most accurate characteristics of pregnancy girls.

Medically the certainty of the sex of the baby can diliat from ultrasound scan or ultrasound. You can check it immediately to the midwife, or obstetrician you are visiting.

However, there are many different things that often become a reference to know the characteristics of pregnancy baby girls, namely:
1. From the urine color or urine of the mother. Mothers who are pregnant baby girls generally have a urine that looks dark yellow or so dark. Unlike male fetuses that are bright yellow or clearer.

2. Women who are pregnant girls often feel nauseated and want to vomit, or dizzy in the morning. Morning sickness is generally considered a woman who conceived a daughter every morning. But as the day progressed, the feelings dwindled.

3. Dili from the prospective mother's shape. Generally, women who have a female fetus, his stomach further widened to the side, unlike a more conical male fetus to the front.

4. Observe the place of the fetus in the abdomen. If the female fetus, the place is in the lower abdomen. This kind of thing generally results in the prospective mother feels pain at the base of the pelvis.

5. Like a pregnant woman usually, breasts become more enlarged. However, when pregnant women have left breast appears larger.

6. Check the baby's heartbeat. If it has a female content, the heart rate is above 140 beats per minute. Step attach the ear to the mother's stomach, then calculate the heart rate about one minute. If more than 140 times, the chances of the baby is female.

7. Female body temperature is pregnant girls are warmer. It takes place in every part of her body.

8. There is also a myth that mentions that the physical appearance of women who have a daughter content more attractive. As the skin looks radiant, radiant face or palm is still soft.

Beyond that when pregnant girls, the desire to keep the beauty is also higher until often dress up. Some women even seem to have reddish hair.

9. Hormonally, women who have female fetus content often experience a mood that changes. So more sensitive, talkative, often sad and various other feelings.

10. While sleeping, the place lies facing to the right. Sleeping on the right side is often done by some women who have a baby girl.

In essence, the characteristics of pregnant people are the same whether pregnant girls or pregnant boys, although some of the signs of pregnancy women above may be able to make early references to estimate the sex of the fetus.

That's just 10 signs of women being pregnant girls. Although there is no scientific research done to confirm it, it may be a reference to raise your mind.

For more, check your uterus through an ultrasound system at 24 weeks of gestation. Ask this kind of thing with trusted doctors and midwives. Welcome to the presence of the baby. Hopefully mother and baby always healthy yes.
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