Some Hidden Tips And Tricks WhatsApp In Unknown

Some Hidden Tips And Tricks In WhatsApp - Now WhatsApp is growing, growing, and now getting better with updates of features that evolve from time to time. Android applications are increasingly using, there are even more or less than 800 million people worldwide who use this application. WhatsApp has now become part of the Kingdom of the world's largest social media site that is Facebook.

If you are part of one of the users of this application, chances are you do not know with some features that may make you confused or not you know with other features. All this you will know by you reading this article.

There Are Some Hidden Tips And Tricks That Are In WhatsApp, so lets not know it yet.

Replacing the New HandPhone

Mengganti HandPhone Baru

Changing New HandPhone If you want to switch to a new iphone or want to replace your old android, you can backup your chat history (Chat History). If you use a memory card it will be easier to go to the Menu> Settings> Chat Settings> Backup Conversations.

Move the memory card that already contains your chat history to the new HandPhone that you want to use, install the WhatsApp app, then restore it when it installs a peringantan request to restore. If only the backup is only in internal storage, then you can use file explorer to find | sdcard | WhatsApp | folder here you can only move the contents manually.

Last Seen "Eliminates"

Last Seen “Menghilangkan”

Last Seen "Eliminates" If and see a contact on WhatsApp, Usually there is a last seen article under the name that tells you when they last used Whatsapp.

If you want your privacy to be obscured so you want people to be unable to see when you last used WhatsApp, then you can set it up by going to Settings> Account> Privacy> Nobody.

So you want your message read or not. You just simply press and hold on a message that has been marked with two blue checks, then you press info or letter (i) in the circle. Naah here you know in detail when your message has been read. For iOS you just dragged the message to the left.

WhatsApp Ways To Be Locked

Last Seen “Menghilangkan”

Last Seen "Eliminates" Is WhatsApp Washable? the answer would be, just a door that can be locked. 😀 But for things like this it is impossible to do in iOS without jailbreaking. And vice versa, in android you can have with many options with security application, in order to protect your chat with password or with PIN. You can use it by trying Messanger and Block or Smart Applock.

This app can also take photos, if there is someone who would try to use the app without using an existing Password or PIN set. You can find that person on Windows Phone, also with WhatsApp locker. If you are using BlackBerry, you can try with Lock for WhatsApp Messanger.

WhatsApp Used In Laptops And Computers

Cara WhatsApp Supaya Terkunci

WhatsApp Ways To Be Locked If you are using a Laptop or Computer and installed with Chrome, you can visit the WhatsApp Web page and just follow the instructions for your phone.

Here you should be able to ensure that your phone is connected to the internet network is in priority over Wifi, because the application is still syncing something that is in your phone. Find out on select WhatsApp web in the menu when you run WhatsApp and scan the QR code on your chrome. Naaah now you can chat and definitely get a notification padal Laptop or your computer. But this trick can not work in iOS.

Group Conversation Setting To Be Silent and Not Noisy

Setting Percakapan Group Supaya Menjadi Senyap dan Tidak Berisik

Group Conversation Setting To Be Quiet and Not Noisy Anyone who goes into the group on WhatsApp is sure he will feel noisy, and this sometimes irritates us. But you do not want to leave the conversation, and maybe you do not want any time someone sends a message to the group.

If you just use Iphone, go to group> press screen (to get screen)> press Mute. If you are android user just by> go to Chat> Press Menu> Press Mute. You can just set the time lag or you can remove the check in Show Notifications to avoid notifications. But this way there is no permanent notification.

How to Recover Deleted Messages
How to Recover Deleted Messages At 4:00 am Whatsapp is supporting on the device. A very fast and powerful way to restore messages that have been deleted is to remove the application WhatsApp and melalukukan reinstallation. Well during the installation process, there will be per

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