Secrets of Taking Care of Young Skin You Need to Know

One of the things that the skin needs to keep its elasticity is collagen. It's just that the increasing age of collagen production is not growing but will decrease. Exposure to radiation from the outside, unhealthy lifestyles, improper use of cosmetics and various other aspects to be a factor supporting why the production of collagen decreases with age.

Therefore, in order for the problem of premature aging does not happen, you should be extra in giving care to your skin. There are several secrets that you need to know with respect to the right skin care in order for you to get youthful skin. Here are the secrets of caring for youthful skin that you need to know and important you see. Check out the following complete information and apply it to take care of your beautiful skin.

Secrets of Taking Care of Young Skin You Need to Know

Rahasia Merawat Kulit Awet Muda yang Perlu Anda Tahu

Secrets of Skin Care Ageless

This time we will learn the youthful secrets of Japanese women. Of course you want to know is not the secret of youthful Japanese women? Apparently there are some secrets of Japanese women to have youthful skin that is in the following way:

Increase vegetables and fruit

Indeed substances and content contained in fruits and vegetables are very rich. Therefore, vegetables and fruits become highly recommended ingredients to be consumed regularly. In addition to making you healthy, eating vegetables and fruits will also make your skin supple and youthful.

Wear sunscreen to stay young

It is true if sunscreen can help in the fight against the effects caused by sunlight. Especially when the effects of global warming has been lurking as it is today. In Japan alone, they usually use sunscreen from childhood until when they reach the age of adolescence. This way they do so that the skin condition detached from the black stain caused by excessive sunlight.

Do massage on facial skin

This method is often done by Japanese women generally after they clean the face with a facial cleanser. They will massage the face in the area of ​​eyebrows, cheeks and forehead that have a very important role in facilitating the flow of blood on the face so that the face will also look much fresher.

Eating green tea

Japanese people believe that by consuming tea can slow premature aging because tea has a very high antioxidant content. One of the most favored Japanese women and consumed regularly every morning is green tea.

If you want to get a youthful skin at all times like Japanese women, it is highly recommended that you apply a healthy lifestyle above. Good luck and get the youthful skin of your dreams.

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