Risks Side Effects Facial Facial, Ladies Must Know It!

There are many beauty treatments that can be done by women in providing care for beauty and skin health. One of the most widely performed beauty treatment women in addition to using a mask is doing facials. Facial facials can indeed make the skin softer, smoother and more radiant.

There are many benefits that can be obtained by regularly doing facials such as helping to get rid of acne problems, blackheads and black spots on the face. But not always provide many benefits, facial facial can also give negative effects if done not exactly. Therefore before you actually do facial facial, recognize skin type and the possibility that happened is very important. If you're curious, here's the information about facial facial side effects that you should know if facial facials are not done right!
Risks Side Effects Facial Facial, Ladies Must Know It!

Resiko Efek Samping Facial Wajah, Ladies Harus Tahu Ini!

Risks Side Effects Facial Facial

Acne face

Some people just experience acne problems after you do facials. This happens also because the exfoliation process on facials can open the pores and stimulate the production of sebum in your face. However, this can be prevented by doing the right skin toning.

The face has an allergic reaction

There are various types of facials offered by clinics and beauty salons. The products used in each type of facial in various clinics and beauty salons are also different. And it is not possible one of these products cause allergic reactions to your skin.

The face is irritated

Sometimes herbs and creams used for facials contain a variety of chemicals with high concentrations. Products like this can be harmful to your skin especially if you have sensitive skin. One of the symptoms is you have itching and irritation on your skin.

The face has swelling

Facial facials performed as a treatment include exfoliation of dead skin cells. This process is important to rejuvenate the skin. But there is also a negative impact if you do too often. As a result the skin color becomes uneven and experiencing swelling.

Red rash on facial skin

Certain chemicals used during your facial treatment may be too strong or inappropriate to your skin type. This is the cause of the appearance of red rash, swelling and inflammatory conditions on your skin.

Scar tissue on facial skin

When facial you live, done the process of removing blackheads and acne with special tools. It's just that if this step is not done with the right technique, this will cause injury. So the worst possibility will be formed scar tissue that makes your face no longer smooth after the facial.

That's the risk of facial facial side effects that you should know. So before you actually make the decision to do facials, you should understand the side effects and select the best experienced therapist.

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