Know the Causes of Dry Skin and How to Overcome them

Every woman would crave to have smooth, healthy and well groomed skin. It's just that not all women are lucky to have it. Some women should have dry skin because it is caused by various factors. Internal and external factors contributed to the problem.

But if you are one of those people who are less fortunate because they have dry skin, well now you should start to find out how to overcome it right. Here we provide information for you about the cause of dry skin and how to overcome it, check the complete information through the information below!
Causes of Dry Skin and How to Overcome them

Penyebab Kulit Kering dan Cara Mengatasinya

Causes of Dry Skin and How to Overcome them

Before we discuss about how to deal with dry skin, we will discuss about the cause. It is good to know the cause of dry skin, you try as much as possible to minimize the cause of your skin is always healthy and well maintained and free from dry skin problems. Some of the causes of dry skin include:

  • Weather
  • Growing age
  • Irritation
  • Too often rub the skin
  • Rarely exfoliate to remove dead skin cells
  • Certain health conditions
  • Wear a towel with rubbed - rubbed
  • Wrong using face soap
  • Wrong using facial beauty products
  • Moisturizer that does not match skin type
  • Less intense in skin care

In order to dry skin problems you do not experience, of course, various causes of dry skin above you need to avoid. Meanwhile, if your dry skin occurs due to age, then one of the proper ways to overcome it is to use care products according to your age. You can consult a beauty doctor you trust. Here's how to deal with dry skin problems naturally that you can practice at home:

Overcoming dry skin with olive oil

Olive oil is a natural product of rich dry skin care benefits for various beauty treatments. This oil is derived from arabic and has various magical properties for skin care in it. How to cope with dry skin with olive oil is by you apply olive oil to your dry skin, cracked or scaly. Then gently massage about 10 minutes. You can do it regularly every night before bed.

Overcoming dry skin with peeling

You can do peeling or scrubbing with scrubs from natural ingredients. Scrubbing can help you to remove dead skin cells and also helps in regenerating the skin to make it healthier and much more manicured.

Overcoming dry skin with old lime

Kaffir lime can treat your dry and scaly skin. How to use lime in overcoming dry skin just by rubbing old lime that has been split into two into the dry skin. Do it regularly once a day every night before bed.

Already know how to deal with dry skin? You can apply now. Avoid various causes of dry skin after you overcome them.

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