Know The Best Benefits Of Lime For The Face To Look Healthier

If all this time you are still dependent with expensive care products, now you should start to switch. Switch to start using natural care products that are more nutritious and safer for long-term use. One of the natural ingredients for treatment that is highly recommended for you is lime.

Lime is a rich ingredient in vitamin C content in which vitamin C is very good to provide healthy skin and help to brighten facial skin. In addition there are many other benefits of lime to make your face healthier. Here's the information for you some of the benefits of lime to get a healthy and beautiful face that you need to know.

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Benefits of Lime for Face

Lime helps to shrink the pores

Inside the lemon you will find the astringent content that can help tighten the muscles and can shrink the pores. In addition, the astringent content contained in lime herbal ingredients can also be used to reduce excess oil on the face so that the face will be much healthier and fresh. In order to help shrink the pores, it is recommended that you mix the lime juice with tomatoes. Then mix some tomato water with 2 to 4 drops of lime juice. The mixture you can use to apply on your face. Let stand 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Lime helps to remove dead skin

Inside the lime contain acid that can peel dead skin. The acid contained in the lime material is a citric acid where citric acid can remove dead skin cells on your face. You can use lime as a sugar-mixed scrub regularly twice a week. The dead skin will be lifted and your skin will be healthier and brighter.

Lime treats pimples and blackheads

Inside lime contain high vitamin C and flavonoids. Both of these components contain antioxidants, antibiotics and disinfectants that are so beneficial to make a fresh face. You can apply regularly on the face then this will remove dead skin cells and make the skin so much more elastic. How to use lime in treating pimples and blackheads that make lemon as a mask then acne and blackheads will disappear within two to three weeks with regular use for 2 to 3 times a week.

Besides the benefits of lime the other is able to rejuvenate the skin and many other benefits. Hopefully the above information becomes useful information. Perform regular treatment using lemon and get the results.

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