How To Eliminate Black Eye Pouch and Natural Circle

Actually the problem of eye bags and dark circles can be overcome with a variety of appropriate treatments. The treatment can be done at home using selected natural ingredients, through medical procedures if you prefer more practical and instant ways, such as laser, dermal filler, and eyelid surgery.

To eliminate the effective eye bags and dark circles you should know in advance what is the cause. In addition to wear and fatigue, there are many other factors that can trigger the appearance of eye bags and dark circles at the bottom of your eyes, such as increased melanin due to allergies, damage to blood vessels, decreased fat at the bottom of the eye, too much caffeine and tobacco consumption, fluids caused by hormone levels, weather, and salty foods, heredity, stress, sun exposure, allergies or dermatitis accompanied by swelling, itching, and redness, and nasal congestion.
How To Eliminate Black Eye Pouch and Natural Circle

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How To Eliminate Black Eye Pouch and Natural Circle

  • Compressing the eyes. To remove the eye bags and the first eye circle is to compress your eyes using clean cloth that has been first dibahasi with cold water. Apply for a few minutes and put some pressure on your eyes. You can also use a bag containing green tea or cucumber pieces as a compress, or you can use an eye gel mask that is sold in the market.
  • Fixed enough sleep time, ie 7 to 8 hours a day.
  • Proper sleeping position, ie head slightly raised. This will help overcome the problem of your eye bags. Sleep with an extra pillow to prop your head. This will help prevent fluid accumulate in the eye area during sleep.
  • In addition, you also need to avoid alcoholic beverages and caffeinated, because both types of drinks can cause mild dehydration, interrupt your sleep time, and make eye bags and dark circles so it looks more clear.
  • Adequate fluid intake can also prevent you from dehydration and help prevent eye bags. So you can avoid fluid retention, then you can reduce the intake of processed foods that contain lots of salt.
  • Give your consumption of plenty of water, at least 8 cups or 2 liters per day, to keep your skin healthy and moist.
  • Potassium intake can also help reduce excess fluid in the body that later can trigger the emergence of eye bags. The source of healthy food in it contains potassium such as bananas, nuts, green vegetables, and yoghurt.
  • In addition, you can also use an eye cream that contains cucumber, chamomile, or arnica which is useful to help reduce the occurrence of inflammation and tighten facial skin.

Similarly information we can share on how to remove eye bags and dark circles naturally. Hopefully can help solve the problem in your face, especially at the bottom of your eyes.

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