How Important is Night Cream for Your Face?

If all this time you still underestimate the efficacy of night cream for your skin care and skin care, then from now on it you need to leave. Why? Because night cream should not be underestimated. There are many important benefits that you can get for skin health and beauty with you using night cream.

Night cream can help regenerate dead skin cells and remove dead skin cells while you are sleeping. Even night cream provides a much more optimal treatment than twice the treatment of day cream. So how important is night cream for your face? Here's the information!
How Important is Night Cream for Your Face?

Seberapa Pentingkah Krim Malam untuk Wajah Anda?

The Importance of Night Cream for the Face

Night cream helps avoid dehydration

Sleep time the body needs about 5 to 8 hours. When you sleep it means you get out of all activities including eating and drinking. Not to mention if you sleep in air-conditioned room of water intake in your body will be reduced. Finally the skin becomes dry and wrinkled. If it is like this, skin cells can not divide properly. Therefore, night cream is needed to help overcome and avoid your skin is dehydrated.

Stimulates the regeneration of skin cells

Night cream has the ability to stimulate regeneration of new skin cells. During the night, night cream also has a function as a moisturizer. The skin will experience peak skin cell regeneration at night around 10 pm. At that time skin regeneration can occur twice as much as during the night. Meanwhile, if you have dry skin that is not moist the skin cell regeneration process fails to occur. Therefore the use of night cream will be very important to keep your skin moist.

Fixed facial skin cells

At daytime, the skin is more often damaged. Moreover, coupled with the chemical content contained in cosmetics will cause your skin cells are damaged. So, whether cleansing the skin with soap is enough? Certainly not. Therefore you also need a night cream to repair damaged skin cells that have been damaged so that skin elasticity will be maintained.

Brighten your facial skin

Bright skin is the dream of most people. You can get bright skin if you regularly use night cream. This is because there are 3-0-EthylAscorbic Acid ingredients in the night cream that will build collagen fibers that can give the effect of brightening your skin.

So, still in doubt with night cream? Not again! You should always use night cream to provide optimal care on your facial skin. Hopefully be useful information and inspire you.
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